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Our family consists and ex-homeless and previously disadvantaged individuals all just looking for ‘a break’  in life when fate and providence placed us firmly in each others paths….

I mention this as Shabby Chic was born out of the desire to help others with employment, skills development and just that daily grind to put food on the table …  So we would not be around had it not been for the weird and wonderful people we met along the way…

Our business model aims to bring you cost effective rustic furniture made entirely and only from reclaimed wood which we source from the local wood traders which are all homeless,  street vagrants.  This in turn creates informal income opportunities and uplifts the community directly where our business is located in.

We we also quite blessed with our location,  being in Woodstock / Salt River allows us to leverage the existing trade and customer base to offer ‘In demand’  products whilst making a meaningful impact  felt across the different aspects of our business from the local wood ‘scurrellers’ to the staff and neighboring shops – a  true sense of Ubuntu!

Our woodworkers were mostly unskilled but over nearly 2 years and under mentorship they have developed with us and learnt a trade that inspires and elevates.

Come visit us to watch us at work 🙂


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